Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paper Mask Patterns

Simple Paper Mask Shapes
You can design a mask quickly using a simple eye mask template. This designer, Irina Troitskaya, makes fabric masks, and offers her patterns (shown in the photo) as a free paper mask download from her web site. Wonderfully imaginative eye masks with noses in the Venetian mask style!

You can view the completed masks on the artist's website (and get links to her bear and birdie paper mask printables in PDF format)

mask pattern photographpaper masksOriginally uploaded by Irina Troitskaya

Circus Strong Man Mask

Strong Man or WWE Wrestler Full Face Mask

This is one mean-looking tough dude mask. Who knows what he's thinking behind those sunglasses? Your eye holes will be the only thing peeking out when you print and cut this bald-headed tough guy face mask.

LINK: Bald Tough Guy Mask

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carved Gourd Helmet Mask

Melon Head Helmet Mask

Need a fast and outrageously different mask? Carve a pumpkin or watermelon for your head cover.

You can carve a pumpkin or watermelon and put it over your head, or you can make it into a helmet or face cover. Leave holes to breathe and hear ... maybe you should wear a shower cap, too ... and you might even need to cut some slots for your shoulders.

PHOTO: American Melon Head from Masquerade Costume Tips

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Starry Eyes Mask

Groovy Goggles Star Shape Eyeglasses

Full color printable craft sheet makes 1 paper eye glasses mask. PDF sheet complete with instructions for cutting, pasting and assembly. Make it fancy - glue glitter bits all over and add feathers or streamers to the sides or top.

Print One: Star Shapes Eye Mask

Mustache Masks

Make a mustache mask Mustache Mask Collection

Thin and thick mustaches in assorted colors - cut out and stick on a mask or face to make a quick disguise!

Print One: Mustache Collection

Frog Face Mask

Free Frog Mask Printable Green Bull Frog Face Mask

Print, trim around the edges and cut out eye holes to make a big green frog mask.

Print One: Frog Mask Printable

Lion Face Mask

Lion Head Face Mask

Print out, cut eye holes and add elastic strings to hold onto face to transform yourself into a circus lion.

LINK: Circus Lion Mask